NLP & Leadership Mastery Program

"To Become a Leader - is to Become a Key Person of Influence - someone who is capable of Mastering their Mind, therefore their Results..."

In today's fast paced and evolving world in business and sales, whether corporate or your own business the need to possess a high level skill set consisting of just to name a few; communication - leadership - emotional intelligence - influence - management, etc is an important part of being a leader and influencer today...

The NLP & Leadership Mastery Program focuses on training you in the 5 key components to becoming a Key Person of Influence AND Leader in you're unique field.

The 5 Key Components:

  1. Mind Mastery
  2. The Power of Influence
  3. Emotional Intelligence
  4. Coaching Frameworks
  5. Discovering & Mastering Your Powerful Message

As you progress through your training you may feel the need to coach others along the way as you will be highly trained as an NLP Life Coach - which will give you the skills to coach and influence others to find their true potential and achieve more in their lives...

The NLP & Leadership Mastery Training & Coaching program will train and coach you to become a Successful Coach - Influencer - Motivator - and Leader - It will prepare YOU to influence others to a whole new level...

Whether you have the passion to become a Coach OR an Modern Day Leader and Entrepreneur ...The 6 Month NLP Leadership Mastery Immersion Program is designed to take YOU to the next level. We will train AND coach YOU to Become a Powerful Influencer and to Coach others with Confidence, through a blend of LIVE & ONLINE training and Coaching PLUS ongoing skills development.

If you’re READY take both yourself AND others to a whole NEW level then - The NLP & Leadership Mastery Program - is designed especially for YOU.

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"Our NLP & Leadership Mastery Program has been designed to give you the best experiential experience you will need to become THE BEST & Most Confident Coach in your field..."

If you’re looking to become a Unique Person of Influence - Leader - Coach and to assist others to Achieve Better Results in their lives, and to find more happiness and fulfilment..... then The NLP Leadership Mastery Immersion Program - is PERFECT for YOU ... ALL YOU NEED NOW is the The Tools AND The Strategies for Success...

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At David Wright Coaching we specialise in Performance Coaching AND Achieving Results...

With OVER 20 yrs experience working in the field of Coaching AND Human Behaviour ...we've been Training & Coaching Leaders from all areas of life and careers, including; Elite Athletes, Life Coaches, Business Owners, Trades Personnel, Managers, Scientists, Doctors, Psychologists, AND Entrepreneurs for over 12 years with Amazing Success.

'I believe David has created The Best & Most Affordable Fully Accredited & Fully LIVE & FACE TO FACE NLP & Life Coach Training Program in Australia...' - Shane Stevenson, Phd. Master Coach

Our unique NLP & Leadership 6 Month Immersion Program will train YOU To Become among Australia's most highly qualified AND Elite Coaches...

You will Complete a 7 Day Live NLP Practitioner training PLUS a 4 Day Live NLP Master Coach training PLUS 6 Months of ongoing Online & Live coaching & training ...

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During the 6 Month NLP & Leadership Mastery Program you will have plenty of opportunity to practice Face to Face your coaching skills under an experienced supervisor.

You can't beat hands on experience to develop self confidence and competence before heading out into the field to begin your coaching practice.

We will be working closely alongside you throughout the program with your Coach who will be Coaching and Mentoring you in the development of your coaching skills. If and when you feel confident enough to coach you can begin coaching others immediately after your NLP Practitioner / Coach Certification and begin earning $$$ from your coaching sessions immediately.

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NLP & Leadership Mastery is a unique 6 Month Immersion Training & Coaching Program - One of it's kind in Australia which will certify you to Master Coach level ....

Whether you're a Coach, Salesman, Entrepreneur, Service Based Business Owner, High Achiever, Corporate Leader, Athlete.... OR You WANT to take your Life / Business to a whole NEW LEVEL - If You're Looking to Become a Master of Influence & Coaching then ...Read On

A Blended study program including both Live & Online Training:

  • 7 Days Live NLP Practitioner Training
  • 4 Days Live NLP Mastery Training
  • 6 Months of Personal Coaching sessions
  • 6 Months of Follow up Sessions with Personal Coach
  • 6 Online Business Coaching Modules
  • 6 Monthly Online Trainings
  • Online Video training modules
  • Monthly Online Group Coaching Sessions
  • Monthly Live skill development
  • Personal Coaching to Master Your Message & Become an Expert

Receive Certifications:

  • NLP Practitioner Certification
  • NLP Master Coach Certification
  • Leadership Coach Certification
  • Timeline Coach
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis Certification (Level 1)


***To Complete ONLY Online Segment of the above (non certified)

***Add a further 3 months to COMPLETE A Diploma of Leadership Coaching

***Contact Us if you are already certified for more information on HOW you can ENTER the Ultimate Leadership Package.

REMEMBER - ONLY 10 Places Are Available throughout Australia so You Can Receive Amazing Coaching & Mentoring along your journey -

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***Call bookings direct on 0421 449 722***


NO EXPERIENCE is needed To ENTER The NLP & Leadership Mastery Program - YOU DO NOT need any Qualifications or Experience as YOU will will Trained & Mentored by One of Australia’s Leading NLP Trainers & Peak Performance Coaches...

When you enrol for the NLP & Leadership Mastery Program?

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You will RECEIVE OVER $17,000 of value when you sign up for your NLP & Life Mastery Program as well as Complete Support 365 days a year from DW Coaching, until You SUCCEED in your coaching business....

**** NOTE:
After Your Registration is Complete and deposit is received successfully one of our admin staff will contact you via email within 48 hours with a link to create your 6 OR 12 Monthly Payment Plan - Payment Plans begin 30 days of registering for the Life Mastery or Diploma programs -

ALL Deposits are a Standard Payment Fee of $2500.00

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Email us on for more information OR

***Call bookings direct on 0421 449 722***


NLP & Leadership Mastery 6 Month Program

diploma of life coaching brisbane, perth, melbourne, sydneyOur NLP & Leadership Mastery Offers You - 6 Months of NLP & Life Coach Accredited Training PLUS Certification as an NLP Life Coach Practitioner & Master Coach.

NLP & Leadership Mastery Training & Coaching Program: • 11 Days Live training • 6 Online business modules • 6 Personal Coaching • 6 Personal follow up sessions • Monthly online trainings • Monthly online group coaching • Live monthly development • Video training development

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